Sinklənmiş polad təbəqə üçün yüksək keyfiyyətli portativ kiçik CNC plazma kəsmə maşını

Əsas məlumat

Model NO.: ZNC-1500C
Zəmanət: 1 il
Lead Time: 15 Working Days
Cutting Way: Support Plasma Cutting and Gas Cutting
Control System: Shanghai Fangling
Yuva qurma proqramı: Fastcam
Plasma Power Source: Chd LG Series Plasma Cutter
Cutting area: 1500*3000mm
Cerificate: CE
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Specification: main machine: 750*510*438mm, rail: 3180*500*250mm


Məhsul təsviri

portable CNC plasma cutting machine 
The CHD CNC with THC automated cutting machine can be matched with gas torch or plasma torch. Plazma kəsmə maşını can be used to cut a variety of metal material which is difficult for gas cutting,plasma cutter have very obvious cutting effects specially for non-ferrous metal such as stainless steel,'s main advantage is its amazing speed when cut light steel plate,can be 5 or 6 times faster than gas cutting for ordinary carbon steel sheet,with smooth and thinner kerf and smaller thermal warping.almost no heat-affected area. Currently the most widely used kind is the  air plasma cutting machine which adopts compressed air as its working gas.
The cutting machine is a digital program controlled modern cutting equipment, in addition to the automation of cutting operations, it also has High cutting precision, high material utilization, high production efficiency. With the Progress of machine electronics and computer technology, CNC cutting machine is being paid more and more enterprises attention,and more and more widely used in the production process with its good man-machine dialogue interface, a strong support function.

Əsas xüsusiyyət

★ The machine's CNC function can cut any complex flat and graphics, adapted to
Oxygen, gas flame cutting and plasma cutting just like gantry-type large-scale CNC cutting machine. It is convenient and flexible, free move, not occupy fixed field
★The machine's nesting programming is simple, you can manually program the simple graphics, can also perform any automatic programming of complex graphics through the random gift of programming software. The software uses interactive dialogue, graphics data automatically converted, without manual editing Write code, directly deposit and take DXF files after AutoCAD drawings be cleaned, and then through the programming software for emissions, generate the required G code file to cut after Selecting the appropriate programming parameters.
★ file transfer storage convenient and flexible: support USB interface, the user can output the required cutting file to the U disk, and then
Insert the micro-cutting machine USB interface to achieve the file transfer.
★ easy to operate: the operation can be the same as semi-automatic car manual cutting. Can also be the same as large-scale CNC automatic cutting.
★ 5.7-inch high-resolution dot matrix LCD display, full Chinese menu, Chinese characters prompts, dynamic and static processing graphics display, intuitive and Easy to learn.
★what is different from ZNC-1500A is that ZNC-1500C's guide rail is made of aluminum,so it is cheaper and lighter.and the THC which is used to adjust the height of the plasma torch is placed inside the machine.making the price cheaper too.


Can be widely used in automobiles, shipbuilding, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessels, construction machinery, light industry machinery and other industries. Apply to carbon Steel (flame cutting), stainless steel, aluminum, copper (plasma)  and other metal sheet cutting and cutting. Particularly suitable for profiled surface Single and batch production.


Texniki parametr

MəhsulPortable CNC plasma cutting machine for metal cutting
Giriş gərginlikliAC 220V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
Effektiv kəsmə genişliyi≤1500mm
Effektiv kəsmə uzunluğu≤5500mm
Kəsmə rejimiAlov kəsmə / plazma kəsmə
Motor tərziStepper motoru
Sürücü rejimitək tərəfli
Qaz kəsmə qalınlığı5-100mm
Plazma kəsmə qalınlığıPlazma mənbəyindən asılıdır
Kəsmə sürəti10-6000mm / dəq
İş dəqiqliyi ± 0.3mm / metr
Qaz kəsməOxygen + Acetylene/ Oxygen + Propane
Fənər hündürlüyünə nəzarət
Alov kəsmə üçün
Elektrikli motor sürücüsü tərəfindən idarə olunur
Ekran ekrani7"LCD color screen
Yuva qurma proqramı (proqram)FASTCAM
SeçimPlasma torch height controller (THC)